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Upset Recovery Training


A complete course offering 4 hours of Ground Instruction combined with 3 flights in the Extra 300L. Ground instruction covers recent and historical LOC-I events, Human Factors Startle and G Force response, Aerodynamics of Stalls, Upsets and Spins, Prevention and Recovery Techniques, Aircraft and Parachute Familiarization and Mission Overviews. In flight control strategies and recoveries will be explored and flown by the student during three flights. These flights include scenarios and exercises that emphasis control coordination, stall and spin prevention and recovery, and upset recoveries as well as exploring basic aerobatic maneuvers to enhance flight envelope management. 

CFI Spin Training


Each CFI applicant is required to demonstrate proficiency in entering and recovering from Spins. Through this short-course, you will earn your CFI Spin Endorsement, but more importantly, the knowledge and skills required to keep you and your future students safe. Go beyond the PTS and learn the dynamics and controllability of spins as well as pitfalls to avoid.

High Altitude Hypoxia Training 


This add-on is through a partnership with the University of North Dakota. Discounts are available from Double Helix by pairing High Altitude Training in UND's High Altitude Chamber with Upset Recovery Training offered by Double Helix Aviation.


This is one of the Nation's most complete packages for Human Factor's Training.


Find more information about Flight Physiology training at UND Aerospace here:

Aerobatic Discovery Flight


Experience the joy of true freedom in the sky through an introductory aerobatic flight with our competition tested Certified Flight Instructors specializing in all-attitude aerobatic flying. Whether you are looking to experience something new or want learn the thrills of air-show style adventure, you will be able to tell your friends, "Because I was inverted!"

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